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Cycle Time Efficiency

Identify and improve on real-time causes of cycle time variability.

Haultrax Digital:​
The Future of Mining Operations Technology

Mining is an essential part of our economy, and it is only going to become more important in the future. Haultrax Digital is at the forefront of mining operations technology and leading the way by helping mines increase their productivity.

Haultrax Digital is comprised of three areas — FleetOps, FleetControl and Cycle Time Efficiency.

Our FleetOps system makes reporting simple, and our FleetControl software helps managers track time, dispatch and activity. Cycle Time Efficiency uses data to provide insights into truck output.

With our experience in mining consulting, we can create a tailored system based on your needs and onboard your personnel. Our software also supports a variety of operating systems and machines so you can repurpose equipment you already have.

Haultrax is a locally-based firm, meaning that you’ll be working with an entirely Australian-based support team whilst enjoying costs that are half the equivalent system from major manufacturers.

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FleetOps is a cloud-based solution that helps you automate load counts, understand how your assets are being used, see where time is being wasted, and also monitor operator conformance. The software is completely automated with no operator input necessary. Supervisors can view the data with FleetOps dashboard which lets supervisors track key metrics and make decisions with real-time data.

We’ve taken the time to develop an interface that’s intuitive and simple to use. Rather than a week’s training, your team can be taught in 20 minutes. We’ve democratised data so anyone with access to the software dashboards gets the same data sets. This helps enable decision-making as everyone can see what areas are working and what aren’t. 

Setting up FleetOps works by installing a Samsung Galaxy Active Tablet to the vehicle. This provides GPS tracking (with a sampling rate of 10 seconds), LTE and WiFi. FleetOps also uses GPS data information (with real-world imagery and geofencing) to track how the mine changes over time.

Furthermore, every dashboard can be viewed on tablets, smartphones, laptops or desktops.

FleetOps takes care of the reporting side of your operation by tracking productivity and performance. For example, tracking how many cycles a truck has done during their shift and how long each cycle is in real time. We also believe data security is important. That’s why with Haultrax, all your data belongs to you, and we simply host it on our software. 

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FleetControl is a mining fleet management system that will revolutionise the way you make decisions. FleetControl builds on top of  FleetOps to include live time, activity and material tracking.

Built for users, this software is intuitive and provides a central view of everyone and every asset. It works to record tasks and delay throughout the day to account for every productive opportunity. This data can also be used for accountability and analysis to improve operations.

Another advantage of FleetControl is its flexibility. You can digitise your workflows and empower machine operators, crusher operators and supervisors alike to be part of the same team working towards a clear goal. ​FleetControl also has built-in systems to help sites that have limited WiFi access and mobile coverage.

Best of all, because our system is SaaS and doesn’t rely as heavily on hardware, it’s much easier to maintain. And with Australian-based support, help is never far away.

FleetOps works excellently in tandem with FleetControl. While FleetOps can show you where and why a truck stopped, FleetControl can tell you why.

Cycle Time Efficiency

Completing Haultrax Digital’s software suite is Cycle Time Efficiency (CTE). Designed to highlight opportunities you didn’t know existed, it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse your mining operation, vehicles and sites to suggest the best production cycle. Ultimately, it enables you to move more material at a lower cost.

The production cycle is constantly changing. CTE highlights the problem areas in your mining operation and helps prompt decisions to resolve issues. In contrast to traditional fleet management systems with legacy technologies, CTE gives you real-time visibility and performance data, as well as human translations of what this data means.

The AI technology that powers CTE is truly cutting edge. Our software uses the same technology as global tech giants such as Facebook, Google and Apple and as a cloud-based system, it can be deployed without the need for a server onsite. This puts unrivalled power and processing in the palm of your hand.

With Haultrax Digital, mine supervisors can make data-driven decisions in real-time with clarity.

Implementing Haultrax Digital In Your Business

Haultrax is one of the leading mining consultants in the world specialising in technology implementation. Our team has over 10 years of experience helping mining operators manage change and know how to support your people and systems throughout the transition to Haultrax Digital.

With our deep understanding of mining operations, equipment and technology, we can help onboard your new fleet management systems and train your team.

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