Time, material, activity tracking, simplified

Mining fleet management and dispatching system​


FleetControl is Haultrax’s mining fleet management and dispatching system. Lightweight, mobile, and highly customisable; it allows mining companies to see the location, activity, material, performance and status tracking of vehicles in real-time.

This software enables transparency and collaboration by removing the barriers to entry of a traditional fleet management system.

Using a simple screen for live time, activity and material tracking, FleetControl compounds the value of FleetOps, turning a fleet reporting tool into a fully functional fleet management system.


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Enabling transparency and collaboration. ​

Haultrax Digital have challenged how traditional fleet management and dispatching systems work by building a lightweight, mobile and highly customisable alternative, removing barriers to entry in the process.​

FleetControl is a modular tool that compounds the value of FleetOps, turning a fleet reporting tool into a fully  functional fleet management system using a simple screen for live time, activity and material tracking.

Get the visibility you need

Are you sick of whiteboards and magnets, not knowing where people are and not knowing where you are “actually” losing time?

FleetControl maintains a central view of everyone and every asset, records tasks and delays to account for every productive opportunity as well as a record for accountability and analysis.

Teamwork at its best​

Don’t have dedicated mine control? – not a problem, FleetControl’s intuitive interface and simplicity gives operations the flexibility to allow supervisors, crusher operators or other to dispatch. ​

​Digitalise your workflows with FleetControl and centralise shift execution. Empower machine operators, crusher operators and supervisors alike to be part of the same team working towards a clear goal. ​ ​

​Busy two-way channels? Miss critical safety and production opportunities because of it? FleetControl’s  messaging functionality keeps the chatter off the two-way.​

FMS without the fuss​

Don’t have site-wide Wi-Fi or solid mobile coverage? ​

The store, forward and acknowledgement capabilities of FleetControl allow the benefits of a fleet management system with marginal communication network coverage.​

Don’t have dedicated IT and Comms Tech Gurus on site? ​

Not a problem – FleetControl is delivered as software as a service with very simple hardware in assets. Your Field Maintenance can support it. ​

You worry about mining let us worry about the technology.

Increase effective fleet utilisation and intelligently
move more tonnes.

FleetControl is comprised of two parts:​

A tablet in the operator cab, locked out to running only the FleetControl app.

  • This app allows the operator to login, start/create and end tasks. Enter delays and message the “controller”​

A Web-based “controller” app that can be used by multiple users simultaneously. ​

  • This app provides overview of what is happening out in the field – who is on what assets, asset status, current tasks ​
  • Controllers can dispatch using simple drag and drop, message a group or individual operators​
  • Controllers can see historical and real-time Time Usage, edit, override and anything else you would expect from a Fleet Management System

All interaction between the two applications is via the cloud/internet – the operator app is designed with store and forward capability so perfect comms network is not essential. ​


How does it work?

There is an operator application and a controller application. The operator app runs on a tablet in the asset and the controller app is web-based and mobile.

What hardware is required?

A tablet and cradle, that’s it! Additionally, for mobile comms, we recommend a router with an external antenna.

Tablets in Mining? Really?

We recommend using an industrial-grade Android tablet. These have proven to be very robust. The main benefits are off-the-shelf availability and simplicity of maintenance and administration.

Is the operator required to select vehicle state?

No, operators are only required to enter delays/exceptions. Asset time usage is determined by FleetOps.

Does it require a dedicated Mine Controller?

No, FleetControl is simple enough to be used by a supervisor in the field, however, it has been designed to allow multiple participants as a central single source of truth and control.

Can operators use tablets to access the Internet?

No, the tablets are fully locked down so only the Fleet Control app can be used.

Understand how FleetControl can improve your operation

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