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We assist mining companies with the successful selection, planning, deployment and operation of Collision Awareness Systems (CAS).


The implementation of a Collision Awareness System (CAS) significantly affects pit users, stakeholders, and individuals across different business functions.

At Haultrax, we are committed to supporting our clients throughout the entire process, leveraging our knowledge and experience to ensure the seamless implementation of CAS.

We prioritize organizational transformation, engagement, training, and culture to drive sustainable change.

How we can help

  • Vendor Selection
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Communication
  • Mobilisation Planning
  • Installation, Training, and System Configuration
  • Go-live Rollout
  • Documentation & Support
  • Training & Change Management

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Haultrax has over a decade of experience with mining industry-accepted CAS products, and played an instrumental role in the early days of the CAS technology shift to the GPS-based platforms that we now see as standard.

For successful execution of this change, Haultrax typically forms a team comprising 2-3 highly experienced dedicated resources whose primary objective is to implement and integrate CAS technology into your operations.


Why CAS with HX?

Safer, more productive operations

We understand the key value drivers to the CAS technology and how you can apply them to deliver safer and more productive mining practices.

Staged technology delivery

Strategic phasing of CAS and supporting technology into your operations ensures successful integration of the technology into your business.

End to end change management

To best navigate the challenges of adopting new technology, we provide integrated support throughout the implementation process from planning to delivery.

Prioritise end user acceptance

Our rollout methodology focuses on sustainable organisational change and is inclusive of end users to develop positive engagement, training and sentiment.

Technical understanding of alarm logic

Configuration of alarm logic is a key activity; our experience and technical understanding ensure correct alarming states with minimised nuisance alarming and noise.

Adapt CAS to suit your operations

We understand the technology, we understand mining operations and therefore have a unique ability in adapting the functionality to suit operational requirements.

Proven Track Record

Haultrax consistently demonstrates unity in production rates and customer satisfaction.


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