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Our systemised approach to deployment

Phased deployment

Building capability in people and processes. We don’t progress until technology milestones have been achieved and the system is at a steady state.

Robust training strategy

Training is targeted to the frontline and all supporting systems (technical services, maintenance, training and HR) to ensure technology acceptance and value delivery.

Functional testing

A regime to validate the technology against identified functional requirements, data recording and integrity, and quality of report output.

Report customisation and calibration

We work with operations management to ensure FMS can successfully measure outcomes, enhance production, and deliver reports to the correct department.

Support and handover to operations

Implementation of support processes to ensure sustainability of the system in an operational capacity once handed over.

HX Digital

Haultrax Digital is FMS reimagined

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HX Digital


The most cost-effective way to measure and improve productivity.

HX Digital


Refined control and accounting of man and machine hours.

HX Digital

Cycle Time Efficiency

Identify and improve on real-time causes of cycle time variability.

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