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Industry leaders in tech deployment

Our aim is to achieve a more productive operating culture through working with your company’s people, processes and technology.

Haultrax are leaders in automation and technology implementation for large-scale mining operations globally and have been successfully deploying autonomous haulage and drilling operations since 2008.

We specialise in strategy and implementation of mining and autonomous mining technology and in ensuring that it delivers its promised value by aligning your business with the necessary people and process changes.


12 years
7 deployments


11 years
30 drill


1,500+ vehicles
6 sites

Why HX Consulting?

Systematic approach

A distinct staged process of technology delivery that considers readiness of subsystems, business processes and operational integration to avoid common mistakes.

Experience where it counts

We bring real on-the-ground experience and ‘Go, Look, See’ approach to drive technology/project acceptance and inclusion.

People and culture first

Our holistic approach stresses the importance of people and culture, focussing on their readiness, training and feelings.

Broad view

Large-scale technology deployments create change within the entire business, not just one department. Successful and sustainable implementation requires an understanding of multi-departmental changes, and how these are best represented in the operating model.

Deep understanding of mining technology

Not only do we understand the design and functionality of the technology, our differentiator is how to best apply it to your operating process and culture.

Understanding of value and risk

Our strong data analysis and investment evaluation skills identify true business value, with appropriate risks incorporated in technology transition.

Let us show you how we break the consultant stereotype.

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