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A simple mining data creation & visualisation tool​


Use FleetOps to send meaningful information & KPIs straight to your decision makers, wherever they need it.


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FleetOps provides your operation with accurate production and cycle data, created using smart logic without the need of operator input. Allowing you to trust the data, digitise your business and reduce frustrations.​


Today’s challenges​

  • Production recording is highly paper dependent​
  • Data is frustrating – inaccurate and poor quality​
  • Supervisors don’t trust or have ready access to operational data

Ditch the clipboard​

Digitalise your tally sheets with FleetOps and see the power of its algorithm. Not only will you know your productive movement, FleetOps delivers detailed cycle time analysis, time usage breakdown and material tracking.​

Empower your supervisor​

Are you sick of getting to your 9am production meeting and still not know what happened yesterday​? ​

Are you sick of your supervisors running around frantically, with trucks in queue and still not knowing what’s happening?​ ​

FleetOps is the supervisor’s data mate. By equipping Supervisors with data, they can know where they are before they get there. Giving them a greater opportunity to hit their targets and get more tonnes out of your operation.

Your data, where you want it

Data reporting, analysis and insight made easy – with readily available reports and integrations.​

No need to pay analysts or additional scopes of work to get insights from your own data.​

Freely access and ‘slice and dice’ your data as you wish through APIs, exports and PowerBI reports.

FleetOps is the most cost-effective way to measure and
improve your productivity

How it works

FleetOps allows you to automate load counts, understand how your assets are being used, see where time is being wasted, and also monitor operator conformance. ​

All automated – with no operator inputs or screens.​

Give your supervisors access to live performance metrics and enable decisions to be made on the ground where it counts.


  • Full/Empty haul time​
  • Spot & queue time at load & dump​
  • Loading & dumping times​
  • Load count​
  • Operator conformance KPIs​
  • Asset utilisation​
  • Total productive time​
  • Delay & downtime​
  • Delay conformance​
  • Customised management KPIs​​


What hardware is required?

FleetOps uses a GPS tracker and a reverse input. No screen or operator input is required.

Does FleetOps require site WiFi or LTE?

FleetOps data is post-processed, and trackers can store and forward data, meaning there is no requirement for full site coverage. Having WiFi/LTE or mobile coverage in a central location is enough to periodically upload data.

What IT/Server requirements are there?

FleetOps is a fully hosted cloud solution. There are no requirements for on-premises servers or any IT personnel to maintain.

What does mobile mean?

FleetOps is a web application meaning it can be launched in a browser on PC/MAC, a Smartphone or a Tablet.

How does it work?

FleetOps uses geofences and a reverse input to turn GPS tracking data in productivity information using advanced algorithms.

What about the data?

The data belongs to you and can be accessed however you like, reports, CSV or through an API to integrate with downstream systems.

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