Haultrax’s difference begins with our people

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At Haultrax, we seek to use our ideas, knowledge and skills to improve lives through our work.

Haultrax’s passion is leveraging technology and innovation to make the lives of individuals easier, safer and more productive. Team Haultrax believes the successful implementation of technology and improvement initiatives leads to an effective and collaborative work methodology, a safer work environment, and the provision of the right information at the right level of the business. Our solutions enable informed decision making and drive better business outcomes.

Shyamal Sharma Managing Director
Shyamal is fuelled by a genuine desire to help people thrive and as such, teaching is at the core of his work. Shyamal’s superpower is his ability to get to the crux of people’s emotions, seeking to understand how they feel and how he can best guide them. The unique talent Shyamal brings to TeamHX is his ability to assess all the moving parts within a company and devise operating models focused on multi-departmental progress to foster interconnectedness and create strong and sustainable outcomes.
Chetna Sharma Chief Operating Officer
Chetna is the one who understands TeamHX’s vision, passions, and madness, breaking these down to strategy and actionable plans. Chetna’s superpower lies in her nurturing nature, having a unique awareness of each person and team's needs whilst driving both to perform. The unique talent Chetna brings to TeamHX is her experience in systemisation, recreating tedious routines into simple, effective, and scalable processes.
Tim Moore Executive, Leadership & Growth
Tim is the HX Guru, taking his experiences from a full and successful career in business leadership to coach the team. Tim’s superpower is his perspective; his understanding of people and culture as a driver of success. The unique talent Tim brings to TeamHX is his adaptability to any given scenario; he utilises a variety of communication styles to produce optimal results for the business and team.
Kim Jarvis People & Development Lead
Kim is driven by opportunity, taking her diverse experiences from different industries around the world that have shaped what she does and how she does it. Kim’s superpower is people, through her ability to listen, empathise and support our team in doing what we do best. The unique talent Kim brings to TeamHX is her attitude to incite change within our people to better our future team and operations.  
Gordon Crane Sales Director
Michael Inglis Specialist, Technology & Productivity
Chris Hetherington Manager, Automation & Productivity
Rubik Ghosh Principal, Mine Performance
Steven Doyle Operational Specialist, HX FMS
Eamonn Rimmer Superintendent, Deployment & Support
Leighton Clarke Project Manager, Deployment & Support
Harry Webster Operational Lead, AHS
Andrew Raffaele Specialist, AHS Operations
Lorenzo Scalabrini Operational Lead, HX Digital
Garth Klee Senior Developer
Dimuthu Yasas Software Engineer
Sunil Addakula DevOps Engineer
Javier Garcia Lopez Data Scientist
Sara Tovazzi Brand & Marketing Coordinator
Paula Parnell Specialist, Project Controls
Juan Gomez Isaza Associate, Executive Office
Lachlan Best Associate, Executive Office
Karley Gage Business Operations Coordinator
Ayman Shaik Project Engineer
Ben Hutchings Project Engineer
Kaitlin Cornish Mining Systems Technician
Natthaya Kaveewatcharanont Project Engineer
Raul Murua Project Engineer
William Schwarer Project Engineer