Haultrax’s difference begins with our people

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At Haultrax, we seek to use our ideas, knowledge and skills to improve lives through our work.

Haultrax’s passion is leveraging technology and innovation to make the lives of individuals easier, safer and more productive. Team Haultrax believes the successful implementation of technology and improvement initiatives leads to an effective and collaborative work methodology, a safer work environment, and the provision of the right information at the right level of the business. Our solutions enable informed decision making and drive better business outcomes.

Shyamal Sharma Managing Director
Shyamal is fuelled by a genuine desire to help people thrive and as such, teaching is at the core of his work. Shyamal’s superpower is his ability to get to the crux of people’s emotions, seeking to understand how they feel and how he can best guide them. The unique talent Shyamal brings to TeamHX is his ability to assess all the moving parts within a company and devise operating models focused on multi-departmental progress to foster interconnectedness and create strong and sustainable outcomes.
James Baron-Croston Director of Automation & Productivity
James is driven to run successful projects by nurturing a team that enjoys working together. His superpower is organising chaos and keeping his team working and winning through challenges. The unique talent James brings to TeamHX is his mathematical mind, investment evaluation and analysis abilities.
Chetna Sharma Operations Manager
Chetna is the one who understands TeamHX’s vision, passions, and madness, breaking these down to strategy and actionable plans. Chetna’s superpower lies in her nurturing nature, having a unique awareness of each person and team's needs whilst driving both to perform. The unique talent Chetna brings to TeamHX is her experience in systemisation, recreating tedious routines into simple, effective, and scalable processes.
Lucy Toth Consultant
Lucy has a truly impressive ability to bring together people and information sources to produce high quality work. Her superpower is her capacity to learn; Lucy exudes a calm confidence which allows her to actively, rather than reactively, engage in her work. The unique talent Lucy brings to TeamHX is her professional experience in the field of law, allowing her to apply this lens to her work in management consulting.
Marcel Biedermann Head of HX Digital
Marcel is driven by the pursuit of using technology to solve problems, rather than to introduce complexity. His superpower is his innate sense of intrigue in understanding the relationship between moving parts. The unique talent Marcel brings to TeamHX is his engineering mind and hands-on mechanical and mechatronic experience; giving him the propensity to distil complex multi-stakeholder challenges into simple ingredients.
Kush Shah Principal Solutions Architect
Kush is a true tech fashionista, driven to simplify problems through his pursuit of digital efficiency. His superpower is understanding how to marry the technical side of HX digital solutions with the business and people elements of our work. The unique talent Kush brings to TeamHX is his ability to craft a targeted technology solution and then see it through to steady state with his skill in on the ground implementation and support.