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Since 2008 we have been running AHS operations, executing deployments and feasibility studies for our customers across the globe.



Proven Track Record

Haultrax consistently demonstrates unity in production rates and customer satisfaction.


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Why AHS with HX?

Know the numbers

Fundamental understanding of how AHS works and how it can bring value to your business backed by an appreciation of the risks involved and the ability to quantify them. 

People and culture first

We work as an integrated team with our clients. This is part of the Haultrax culture and enables us to foster knowledge sharing through our collaborative approach.

Extensive experience delivering AHS

We have a proven track record of over 12 years operational and consulting experience in successfully helping customers evaluate and deploy AHS.

Know people impact

Our holistic approach stresses the importance of people and cultural change; focusing on organisational change, engagement, training and sentiment.

Managing effective change

All stakeholders must be effectively engaged, included and updated to continually reinforce the goal, where we are going and what success will look like.  This is not only at an operational level but must extend to business-wide, community and external stakeholders.

Operating model understanding

Deploying AHS is just one piece of the puzzle and initially is misunderstood as a technology change project. Rather, it is a business project that requires alteration to multiple facets of the operating model for sustainable change.

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