Why Implement a Vehicle Tracking System At Your Mine

Vehicle Tracking Systems (VTS) are an important element of any mining operation. They provide integral data that contributes to the efficiency and productivity of the entire operation.

As technology continually evolves, the capabilities of Vehicle Tracking Systems do too.  The value of VTS has been proven across mines to provide increased profitability for mining operations, resulting in benefits which far outweigh the initial investment of implementation. Vehicle Tracking Systems have been shown to improve safety, security and efficiency in mines – all of which contribute to a better bottom line.



What is a Vehicle Tracking System?

A Vehicle Tracking System is a GPS-based system that is installed in a vehicle to monitor and track its location, movement and status. This system pairs with fleet management software to pass on vital data which enables greater visibility on the movement and use of assets. Within mining operations, vehicle tracking systems work to improve fleet management performance by providing real-time location tracking of assets; however separate vehicle tracking systems are often employed as a standalone asset tracking solution for mines that do not have FMS.

Tracking systems work to improve fleet performance by targeting inefficiencies and optimising performance. Depending on the age of the system, these devices offer real-time tracking of vehicle diagnostics and offer the potential to reduce operational costs and increase productivity. The information gathered through vehicle monitoring is transmitted to a central server where it can be accessed by authorised personnel. VTS typically include a web-based interface or a mobile app that makes the information easily accessible for managers to track their fleet in real-time.


Benefits of Implementing a Tracking System

Improved Safety and Security

VTS can help identify patterns of behaviour that may indicate a driver is fatigued or not adhering to safety procedures. This data can then be used to improve training, better manage shift patterns and ultimately reduce the number of accidents. By tracking speeds, routes and stop times, you can ensure that your vehicles are being driven safely and in accordance with health and safety regulations.

In regard to security, VTS can be used to monitor unauthorised vehicle movement through geofencing and detect lost equipment. A VTS can reduce the time locating assets by providing real-time location or last known positions if power is lost.


Increased Efficiency In The Workplace

In addition to improving safety, Vehicle Tracking Systems can also help mines run more efficiently. The data collected by the system can be used to improve the flow of traffic, reduce congestion and improve fleet management.

Having deeper understanding into how your vehicles are being used can assist with eliminating inefficient processes and identifying misuse of property. Tracking systems can detect driving habits, and identify ways to improve fuel efficiency in their fleet. Whether this is through route management or improving operation techniques, increasing fuel efficiency is a key metric for operators within the mining industry.


Environmental And Health And Safety Regulation Standards

By monitoring vehicle location and usage, you can optimise routes to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. You can also use the system to monitor idling times, so that you can reduce your environmental impact further. Monitoring these features will also allow for increased revenue potential, through a reduction of material waste.


Improved Fleet Management

A Vehicle Tracking System can also help you with fleet management, including vehicle maintenance. You have the ability to see when a vehicle was last serviced, and what needs to be done in order to maintain machine health. This information can help reduce unscheduled downtime.



Choose Haultrax For Your Vehicle Tracking System

As a valuable tool for any mining company, tracking systems can help save money, increase efficiency and keep your workplace safe.

While Haultrax does not offer a standalone VTS, vehicle tracking is a feature of our Haultrax FleetOps solution. If you are looking for a Vehicle Tracking System for your mine, consider implementing FleetOps into your operation to provide more than just tracking your assets.


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