We are the future of Smart Mining

At Haultrax, we seek to use our ideas, knowledge and skills to improve lives through our work.

Haultrax’s passion is leveraging technology and innovation to make the lives of individuals easier, safer and more productive. Team Haultrax believes the successful implementation of technology and improvement initiatives leads to an effective and collaborative work methodology, a safer work environment, and the provision of the right information at the right level of the business. Our solutions enable informed decision making and drive better business outcomes.

The Haultrax Global HQ is in Perth, Western Australia. We work locally in the Pilbara, South West and Goldfield regions. Our other offices are in Brisbane, Queensland and we have partners located in Latin America and South Africa.


Haultrax’s Vision

Our goal is to achieve progress in complex work environments through people, technology and change.


We understand the design and functionality of technology so we can create solutions designed to best fit your operating process and culture.


Haultrax’s technology advances business operations to help you remain competitive through sustainable change and reduced costs.


We understand the importance of people and culture. True value comes only when the team is ready to adopt change.

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Why Haultrax?

Experience where it counts

We bring real on-the-ground experience and a ‘Go, Look, See’ approach to drive technology/project acceptance and inclusion.

People and culture first

Our holistic approach stresses the importance of people and culture, focussing on their readiness, training and feelings.

Systematic approach

Our process of technology delivery considers the readiness of subsystems, business processes and operational integration to avoid common mistakes.

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